Saturday, January 15, 2011

Indianapolis Alcoholics Anonymous For Atheists and Agnostics - How It Works.

"Rarely have we seen a person fail...."

That's what we're told, anyway.

We see people fail ALL THE TIME. Frequently we see a person fail... Usually we see a person fail... Most often we see a person fail... No matter how hard we try, there will always be people who fail...

What contributes to the "failing" that we observe? It's not for a lack of trying or hoping or wishing or praying. For many who attend "We Agnostics," part of our challenge was to find a place to work the steps where we didn't have to believe in something we didn't believe in. We needed a place to find comfort and support without being told to leave our reasonable doubt at the door. We needed to be able to be open and honest about our disbelief and not get ridiculed out the door.

People will fail. More often than not, the first or second attempt to stop drinking won't stick. Alcoholism is brutal, and it kills far more people than ever find recovery. When people make the choice to drink again, our task is to help them pick themselves up and try again. If you're looking for a way to get and stay sober and don't want to be told to believe in something that's not honest for you, perhaps this group can help.

We are a group of alcoholics who are getting and staying sober, and there is no requirement that you believe in anything supernatural to attend or participate. We hope you'll visit soon.


  1. I wish your group the best of luck. Having stayed sober for nearly 30 years in AA, I hope the reports of anger are exaggerated. The blogs would suggest otherwise. . .

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    Friday, 5:45 pm at St. Thomas Aquinas (46th and Illinois) in the small meeting room north of the main entrance.
    Meeting specifics: Circle sharing, diverse members, tolerance, honesty, serenity, promises
    Cookies and Excellent Coffee! :)
    Good companion meeting to "We Agnostics"