Friday, April 1, 2011

What Defines "Recovery?"

In a brief exchange on Facebook today, one man (a self-described "follower of Jesus") commented on my sobriety by saying:
"Congrats to you on "sobriety",,certainly your life has benefited from not using; however, what I seek is an empowered , and abundant life..that has happened to me when I surrendered, and let my Higher Power guide me. See Joe, both of our ways work, although with different outcomes....good luck to you!"
The presumption that his "recovery" is somehow better than my "sobriety" because he has a "relationship with Jesus" is not only arrogant, it's dangerous and misguided.

At the We Agnostics group, we are living proof that belief in a supernatural higher power is NOT a requirement to get sober, to stay sober, to find recovery and to have a wonderful life.

If you struggle with the concept of a higher power and aren't comfortable with the idea that it must be something magical, stop by our meeting. There you'll find people choosing to get and stay sober.